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These are a tentative list of forthcoming invited talks. The talk title, content and attendance are likely to change

Feb 22-24, 2017 2nd NGS conference @ CCMB Hyderabad

Previous Talks
Jan 17-19, 2017 Accelerating Biology 2017: Delivering Precision @ CDAC Pune
Feb 22-24, 2017 2nd National NGS Conference @ CCMB Hyderabad

Dec 10, 2016 Introduction to Genome Informatics and Big data analysis, Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth @ Pondicherry
Aug 14, 2016 Genomics for Clinicians @ Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital, Jaipur
Jun 06-10, 2016 High Performance Scientific Computing Workshop @ IISER Thiruvananthapuram
Jun 13, 2016 CME on Clinical Genomics @ Govt Medical College Kozhikode
Apr 01-02 , 2016 Prof G Jayaraman endowment conference @ Dr ALM PG IBMS, University of Madras Madras
Mar 18-20, 2016 National Symposium on Computational Systems Biology, NSCSB - 2016 @ Jaypee University of Information Technology(JUIT), Waknaghat, Solan, H.P.
Mar 14-18, 2016 2nd National workshop on Next Generation Sequencing in disease diagnosis and therapeutic target discovery @ NIOP, Delhi
Mar 03-05, 2016 41st Indian Society of Human Genetics (ISHG) Conference @ Chennai
Feb 17-19, 2016 National Conference on ‘Genomics and Society - Prospects, Challenges and Concerns @ the Inter University Centre for Genomics and Gene Technology, Trivandrum 
Jan 18-22 , 2016 Hands on workshop on analysis of human exome sequence data @ Manipal

Dec 13-14, 2015  Functional Genomic Symposium @ Doha, Qatar
Aug 09-12, 2015 Indo-American Frontiers of Science (IAFOS) Symposium for young Indian and US scientists @ California, USA
Aug 02, 2015 PedGenCon 2015 Annual State Conference of Genetics Chapter IAP Kerala @Calicut
May 28-29, 2015 Genomics & Proteomics Research @ Bangalore
Mar 27, 2015 Bioinformatics tools for Biomedical Research @ National Institute of Pathology (ICMR), Delhi
Mar 25, 2015 Base-pair to Bedside: Genomics and Cancer Prevention @ Institute of Cytology and Preventive Oncology (ICMR), NOIDA.
Feb 28, 2015 Genomics of Rare Genetic Diseases @ WWW
Jan 30-31, 2015 SN Genetics Convention @ Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai
Jan 21-23, 2015 National Conference on Genome Informatics @ SRM University, Chennai
Jan 18-22, 2015 Big Data Analysis and Translation in Disease Biology @ JNU, Delhi

Dec 07, 2014 Manipal Genetics Update @ Kasturba Medical College, Manipal
Nov 27-29, 2014 Big Data Mining: The Concepts, Methods and Applications @ CSIR-IMTECH, Chandigarh
Sept 4-5, 2014 Diabetes and obesity - in a global life course perspective @ Copenhagen
July 25th, 2014 Digital Medicine @ Centre for Genetic Diseases and Molecular Biology, Pt JNM Medical College, Raipur
June 12-13, 2014 Genomics & Proteomics Research @ Delhi
Apr 26-27, 2014 Personal Genomics Conclave and Expo 2014 @ Sheraton, Bangalore
Apr 14-16, 2014 Frontiers in Biomedical Research @ Delhi University, Delhi
Mar 22-24, 2014 Genomics, biology and therapeutics in Tuberculosis and other mycobacterial diseases @ Patan Mahal, Rajasthan
Mar 05, 2014 National Workshop on Genomics and Proteomics at Department of Biochemistry, MDU Rohtak @ Rohtak
Feb 23-25, 2014 17th ADNAT Symposium on Genomics in Personalised Medicine and Public Health @ Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology (RGCB), Thiruvananthapuram
Jan 23-25, 2014 International Conference on Human Genetics and 39th Annual meeting of ISHG @ Ahmedabad
Jan 09-11, 2014 Bioinformatica Indica 2014 @ University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram

Nov 18-26, 2013 Workshop on Next Generation Sequencing @ CCMB, Hyderabad.
Nov 14-17, 2013 National Medical Biochemistry conference (AMBICON-2013) @ Christian Medical College, Ludhiana. 
Sep 13-14, 2013 Symposium on advances in non-coding genomics @ Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB), Bengaluru
Sep 06-08, 2013 Bioinformatic Tools in Genetic Diagnosis & Research @ Post Graduate Institute Of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh
Apr 13-18, 2013 Human Genome Meeting (HGM2013) @ Singapore
Feb 20-23, 2013 Accelerating Biology 2013 - The Next Wave @ CDAC Pune
Feb 18, 2013 Karyon '13 - @ Delhi Technological University
Feb 10-11, 2013 GenoPath 2013 @ TD Medical College Alappuzha
Jan 20, 2013 2nd Indian Viral Network @ Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi

Dec 10-13, 2012 2nd International Next Generation Sequence Data Analysis Workshop @ University of Pune
Dec 05-08, 2012 Asia Pacific Conference of Human Genetics @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Genomics for Personalised & Precision Medicine

posted May 6, 2015, 11:57 PM by Vinod Scaria   [ updated May 6, 2015, 11:58 PM ]

CME and Workshop on the concept and application of genomics in clinical medicine
Genomic technologies have been progressing at break-neck speed in the recent years, with newer applications being developed almost every day. Many of these advances have undeniably accelerated our understanding of human disease biology with implications in better molecular characterization of diseases. In recent years, advances in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies have enabled a significant reduction in the cost of nucleotide sequencing. These together have signalled a significant change in the way we practice medicine.

A large number of molecular data-sets including genomic data needs to be integrated in the clinic for precise diagnosis and to be able to predict prognosis for a patient. It has become necessary that clinicians keep abreast of these developments and be equipped to implement it in their clinical practice. The workshop attains significance in this backdrop and provides a conceptual understanding of the spectrum of applications encompassing genomic medicine.

Who should attend ?
Clinicians, Clinical Geneticists, Medical Students and researchers interested in genomics and clinical application of genomics.

Date: Saturday June 6th, 2015
Flamingo Auditorium
Frontier Mediville, Elavur/Edoor Village, Gummidipoondi ‐ 601 201.
Thiruvallur District, Tamilnadu. India

Genomics of Rare Genetic Diseases

posted Dec 14, 2014, 2:36 AM by Vinod Scaria   [ updated Dec 14, 2014, 2:42 AM ]

Genomics of Rare Genetic Diseases is a one-day online conference organised on the eve of rare disease day. The aim of the conference is to bring together clinicians and researchers working in the area of genomics and rare diseases to exchange their views, ideas and share their thoughts towards enabling quick translation of genomic technologies to the benefit of patients. The conference would highlight developments in the area of genomics with special emphasis on diagnosis and research on rare genetic diseases. 

International Conference on Human Genetics and 39th Annual Meeting of the Indian Society of Human Genetics

posted May 17, 2013, 4:34 AM by Vinod Scaria

Conference URL:

International Conference on Human Genetics and 39th Annual Meeting of the Indian Society of Human Genetics
Ahmedabad Management Association, Ahmedabad, India, from 23rd - 25th January, 2014.

Human Genome Meeting 2013

posted Jan 31, 2013, 3:52 AM by Vinod Scaria   [ updated Jan 31, 2013, 3:53 AM ]

Talk Title:
Genomics for Precision Medicine: An analysis of Pharmacogenomic markers in Asian Populations
Session: HUGO - Pan Asian Population Genomic Initiative (PAPGI)
13th April 2013 1200 - 1330

Associated Psoters from Lab

Accelerating Biology 2013 - The Next Wave @ CDAC Pune

posted Nov 6, 2012, 9:35 PM by Vinod Scaria

Title: From Personal Genomes to Precision Medicine

"Accelerating Biology 2013 - The Next Wave"
February 20-22, 2013

Bioinformatics Resources and Applications Facility (BRAF)
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)
University of Pune Campus
Maharashtra, India

Systematic analysis and functional annotation of variations in personal genomes

posted Aug 13, 2012, 1:12 AM by Vinod Scaria   [ updated Aug 13, 2012, 1:13 AM ]

InCoB2012 - 11th International Conference on Bioinformatics

Genomics of the Unknown: Clinical applications of Hologenome Sequencing

posted Aug 13, 2012, 12:48 AM by Vinod Scaria   [ updated Aug 13, 2012, 12:51 AM ]

Next-Generation Sequencing and Bioinformatics for Genomics & Healthcare conference.
Nov 1 - 3, 2012
Department of Biotechnology
IITM Chennai, India

Comparative analysis of Asian Genomes

posted Jun 8, 2012, 6:06 AM by Vinod Scaria   [ updated Aug 13, 2012, 12:52 AM ]

1oth Asia Pacific Conference on Human Genetics | 5th-8th December 2012 | KL, Malaysia

Genomics of the unknown: Translational applications of Hologenome sequencing

posted Jun 8, 2012, 5:42 AM by Vinod Scaria   [ updated Jun 8, 2012, 6:09 AM ]

Leh Symposium 2012 | August 3-7, 2012 | Leh, India

Ashok Patowary, Rajendra K Chauhan, Meghna Singh, Shamsudheen K Vellarikkal, Vinita Periwal, Sourav Ghosh, Kushwaha K P,Gajanan N Sapkal, Vijay P Bondre, Milind M Gore, Shahul Hameed, Urvashi Singh, Sridhar Sivasubbu and Vinod Scaria 

1CSIR Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Mall Road, Delhi; 2Open Source Drug Discovery Unit, Anusandhan Bhavan, New Delhi; 3BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh; 4National Institute of Virology, Pune, Maharashtra; 5Abdul Hakeem College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu; 6All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar, Delhi

Isolation and Identification of pathogens from clinical samples has been the mainstay of clinical microbiology. However, this process is often tedious, time-consuming and costly, limiting the application in general clinical settings to a select set of pathogens. The availability of high throughput sequencing technologies has made it possible to provide an unbiased view of genetic material in biological samples. The improvements in scale/throughput of DNA sequencing coupled with rapidly diminishing cost now offers a new opportunity to identify pathogens using a sequencing approach. The widespread application of DNA sequencing in such settings had been majorly limited by the fact that traditional sequencing methods often required pure isolates for genome analysis, while clinical samples usually exists as mixed genome samples or hologenomes with 2 or more components. We show that effective modifications of the sample processing and analysis protocols would enable identification and assembly of pathogens from mixed genome samples. We have successfully applied hologenome sequencing on biological samples containing mixed genomes. This approach significantly overcomes the limitations of traditional microbiology applications and can be adapted to clinical settings. We show that this could be extended to special settings including epidemics. Apart from identifying pathogens, the technology would enable to potentially understand the dynamics of host-pathogen interactions.

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