Mycobacterium tuberculosis Variome Resource (tbvar)

About this resource:
tbvar is a comprehensive resource for genomic variations in Mycobacterium tuberculosis The variations have been systematically retrieved from high-throughput re-sequencing data-sets. In addition, Using a systematic computational pipeline, potential genomic variations with functional consequences and association with drug resistance have been charecterised.

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Joshi K, Dhiman H and Scaria V
TBvar: A comprehensive genome variation resource for Mycobacterium tuberculosis
[Submitted 2013]

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Kandarp Joshi: kandarpbioinfo[at]
Heena Dhiman :[at]
Vinod Scaria: vinods[at] 
Funding and Support
We acknowledge the funding from the Open Source Drug Discovery Initiative/ CSIR for the programme. We also acknowledge the availability of communication and compute resources from NKN for the project.