Nipah Virus Open Research Collaborative

Origin of the project
The project traces its origin and motivation from the open source initiatives for neglected diseases.
The recent outbreaks of Nipah virus with high mortality prompted us to create a collaborative network to co-ordinate systematic efforts addressing key questions, through a crowd-sourcing approach.

The programme would embrace the concepts of open-source and open access.

We invite open collaboration from institutions, laboratories as well as individuals to this endeavor. A representative list of collaborating institutions and laboratories are as below. 

Open Projects
  1. Nipah Virus Inhibitor Collection .
  2. Cheminformatics of Nipah Virus Inhibition Bioassays
  3. Computational Chemistry for Nipah Virus Inhibitors
  4. Human-Nipah virus gene/protein interaction network
    • Leader: Dr. Jayashankar Das (Gujarat Biotechnology Research Centre (GBRC)
    • Open Data: 
  5. Vaccine candidates for Nipah virus through in-silico models
More details would be updated soon


Volunteers are expected to contribute at least 2-3 hours daily on individual projects and mainly involved in systematically organizing and analysis of data.