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Genomics in Clinics
(In collaboration with Sridhar Sivasubbu Lab)

We work closely with Patients, Patient Support Groups and Clinicians towards popularizing genomics and its applications in clinical settings.

Clinical Collaboration- Genomics of Rare Genetic Diseases-
Read more on our initiative to understand rare genetic diseases in India using genomics tools involving a large number of clinicians and researchers. (Visit GUaRDIAN Website)
  • Rare Disease India page on Facebook is one of the most popular Facebook pages for rare diseases in India. (Visit the page)
Next generation Sequencing based approach for diagnosis of Mitochondrial Disorders
The diverse clinical spectrum of diseases manifested by mitochondrial dysfunction demands proper interpretation and analysis of mtDNA variants. mit-o-matic is a tool designed to provide clinically relevant information distributed in disparate resources for understanding and annotating mtDNA variations.

Bench to Bedside for Mitochondrial Disease Diagnosis

April 2016:
 The know-how for mitochondrial sequence analysis has been transferred to Eurofins Clinical Genetics India Ltd (Subsidiary of Eurofins Scientific, a world leader in testing services).
The product is available in the Indian market.

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More about Eurofins Clinical Genetics India

Enabling Access to Genetic Disease Diagnosis

March 2018: The know-how for 27 genetic tests for diagnosis of prevalent genetic diseases/traits have been licensed to Dr Lal Path Labs one of the largest clinical diagnostic chains in India.
These tests were developed under the Genomics and other Omics to Enable Medical Decisions (GOMED) programme, a unique outreach programme of CSIR-IGIB and funded through a CSIR Fast-Track Translation (FTT) Grant

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Infectious Diseases
(In collaboration with Sridhar Sivasubbu Lab)

We have been working closely with clinicians to develop genomic approaches for fast and accurate diagnosis of pathogens.

Antibiotic Resistance
Read more on our recent work on methodology for identification of antibiotic resistance genes in common fomites.
Publication: Jalali et al, (2015) PLoS ONE
Review in Nature India

As part of the CSIR-800 Programme of AcSIR, members in my laboratory has been involved in creating education material for blind students.
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